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About Us

Our Motto:
Learn, Grow, Become


In 1914, a farm began in the green hills of Tigoni. A place infamously known as "nothing but mist," Tigoni was a sanctuary for vibrant wildlife and dazzling forests.

Progressing from its beginnings as a farm, wartime getaway and golf course into an environmentally-aware hotel and conference centre, Brackenhurst has spent over a hundred years reconnecting with the tremendous beauty of its natural surroundings.

Known as "Three Trees Farm" due to the three large muna trees left standing on the property, Brackenhurst was begun with the intention of creating a coffee farm. However, with the start of World War One, the owners of the farm soon found themselves providing holidays for battle-weary British soldiers. This marked the beginning of Brackenhurst's heritage as a centre for hospitality.

Surviving several decades, an earthquake, and a well-concealed leopard, Brackenhurst Hotel was bought by the Baptist Mission of Kenya in 1964. It began to use its beautiful grounds for team-building, conferencing, and adventuring. In 2001, Brackenhurst developed a strong relationship with Plants For Life, an NGO focusing on environmental conservation. As a result, a vast indigenous forest grew on Brackenhurst soil for the first time since 1914. The forest provides a habitat for the restoration of some of the natural wildlife that once abounded in Tigoni.

Now under the management of Muna Tree Holdings, Brackenhurst is proud of its rich history and direct connection to the land around it. We invite you to develop your own story while staying here, a place where muna trees rise out of mist.

Our Promise

At Brackenhurst, we cater to individuals from every walk of life.

A stay at our breathtaking location has something for everyone, from a deep connection to our indigenous forest to the glowing hospitality of our staff. No request is too big or too small for our team; if it matters to you, it matters to us. We will do all we can to ensure that your time here is unforgettable.


Let the forests of Brackenhurst, the rolling hills of tea around us, and the friendliness of our staff become a reality of tranquillity, rejuvenation and hospitality. With guests from all over Kenya and the world, we want to fulfil our...

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Habitat Restoration
Habitat Restoration

The Brackenhurst forest began in 2000 with the removal of most of the exotic trees on Brackenhurst land and their replacement with indigenous African trees. The project is managed by our partner, a local NGO called Plants...

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Community Building
Community Building

Not only is Brackenhurst a historical eco-destination in Tigoni, we are a social centre that brings together the local community around us. Our gift shop empowers artisans and craftsmen around Kenya and beyond, as do our exhibitions...

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Our Commitments

Brackenhurst Hotel and Conference Center is keenly aware of its responsibilities to the environment, its employees and to the community. We are committed to the following practices and principles to enable us to minimize our impact on the environment.

Indigenous Forest

Indigenous Forest

The continued conversion of a 'silent' Eucalyptus plantation into 40 acres of indigenous forest with a rich, and
increasing biodiversity.

Natural Wetland

Natural Wetland

A healthy, natural wetland that filters
river water, neutralizing harmful farm
chemicals and in providing clean water
for the community downstream.



Growth of our firewood through PFLI,
meaning that we control the chopping of
trees as well as their replanting.

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden

An organic vegetable garden means less
pesticides, a lower carbon footprint, and
creates a model for surrounding

Plastic & Recycling

Plastic & Recycling

A commitment to drastically reduce our
waste through a partnership with Taka
Taka Solutions.



A forward-thinking school dedicated to
environmental learning with students
who are already leading the way and
providing examples of green-living.


Solar Heating

Reducing our reliance on wood-fuel
through the installation of 38 solar


Water Saving

A commitment to reduce our water
usage and wastage through a wide
variety of creative techniques.


Our Staff

A commitment to provide a safe,
healthy working environment for our staff
who are our greatest asset

Meet The Team

Our specialists are at the heart of Brackenhurst. With their experience, they establish an atmosphere of hospitality, enabling you to enjoy your adventure to its fullest.

John Mckelvey

Managing Director

Nelly Ndathi

General Manager

Jackson Kilambya

Human Resource Manager

Susan Maina

Finance Manager

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