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Enter into a Diverse World
of Soaring Wildlife

Mountain Biking

Feel the crisp, fresh air rush against your face as you pedal through pristine tea fields and deep green forests. Bike through early morning mists that linger over rolling hills, leisurely coast down dirt roads, or challenge yourself through a labyrinth of forest trails. Mountain biking at Brackenhurst is an energizing experience that will deepen your appreciation for this beautiful part of Kenya.

Bird Watching

Our forest restoration efforts have increased the number of bird species at Brackenhurst from 35 to 187 over the past twenty years. We offer birdwatching tours and forest walks so you can observe the results of our conservation work firsthand. Come and witness the extraordinary biodiversity that has returned since our restoration project began in 2000.

Team Building

With several lawns, fields, and forested areas, the main campus of Brackenhurst is well-designed for innovative team activities. Our ropes course is an incredible tool for team building. If you and your team are feeling particularly adventurous, we can arrange for trained instructors to guide you in completing an invigorating challenge involving a high level of coordination and trust.


There are tennis and basketball courts on our grounds in addition to a large upper field for football or other field sports. Bring your tennis racket, cricket bat, or football to enjoy our facilities!

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