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Strongly Committed to
Our Current Sustainability Practices

We are strongly committed to making Brackenhurst a sustainable campus. Our first conservation project began in 2000 with the restoration of an indigenous forest. Since then, we've become passionate about doing all that we can to protect the environment. We are always seeking new ways to bring sustainability and hospitality together.

Our eco-conscious initiatives include the following:

  • A thirty-year ecological restoration project re-establishing the indigenous forest and surrounding wetlands
  • Installing solar water heaters for our rooms to reduce electricity consumption
  • Reducing the number of plastic bottles on our campus to virtually none
  • Treating and bottling our own water in reusable glass bottles
  • Partnering with TakaTaka Solutions to recycle up to 95% of our waste each month
  • Growing all of our firewood on a sustainably managed timber plantation located on our campus
  • Removing invasive species from our forest and rehabilitating the soil
  • Working with various partners to document the number of species that return to the indigenous forest and wetlands (including Colobus monkeys, civet cats, jackals, bush-babies, and over 180 bird species)
  • Maintaining a nursery and seed bank with some of the rarest plant species in Africa
  • Designing rooms with translucent roofing to incorporate more ambient light
  • Using the principles of permaculture
  • Developing a close partnership with Woodland Star, an eco-focused international school
  • Creating signage to improve access to the indigenous forest
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